Swami Sanjiv Kashyap

Is an eminent poet, a prudent thinker, an enlightened scholar, an eloquent speaker, a dedicated philanthropist and an expert in yoga philosophy, meditations, laughter yoga, white tantra, Reiki and Alternative Therapy.

Discourses given by Sanjiv Kashyap will cover different topics such as Hindu and Buddhism philosophies, BhawatGeeta, philosophies, Upanishad and Vedanta. Sanjiv Kashap also explores various types of meditation Kundalini, chakra, tantra, Mantra techniques.

All these can help you to find your spiritual guidance and to transform your life. Swami Sanjiv Kashyap say’s, we respect all the enlightened masters and we are non religious and non sectarian. Our aim is to create loving and caring community, celebrating our humanity and spreading the feelings of peace, harmony, unconditional and divine love.

Literary Creation of Sanjiv Kashyap

In literary creation he evolving poetry, Essays, books based on our ancient and rich cultural heritage have enlightened the readers for more than thirty years. Life’s experiences invariably get revealed in your poetry. There is an ecstasy of love, attachment to natural phenomenon and simplicity combined with aesthetic sense in your entire creation.

There is a rare combination of Agony, Love and Sensitivity in “pard Ki Amanot” Pablised in 1986. “Panarjarn” contains nine speeches of moral values which gives us rich matter for contemplation. (1991).

“HimalaykiMahak” is an outstanding book of modern diction and metaphor with its rich imaginary, deef perception and emotional appeal. The Book gives insight in the magnanimity of Himalayas with the celestial brilliance, grandeur and attractive natural scenery. Reprint (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.)

“Man ki Bansuri” as the name suggest, creates musical charm like plying of flute with harmonious melody of satiating the soul and filling the hearts with pleasure. (2011)

“AtamGyan” and “The path of self Realization.” There is a dialogue with destiny in the discourses of Hindi Book.

“AshtavakraGeeta” AtmaGyan and English book “The path of self Realization. Based on Ancient sutras of AshtavakraGeetaspred over 20 chaplers. These books deal with knowledge, renunciation of desires, liberation, peace of mind, dwelling in self, real pleasures of life etc. (2010 in Hindi) (2014 in English 2016)
“AhwanMahaveerka” Covers the entire gamut of Jainism with deep in sight and impressive style. (2011)
“YogsamagreVigyan” is a Classic book of intense yoga, meditation, devotion, magnify cense and eternal emancipation.) 2010 and some other books are also communion with alternative therapy.

“Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Goddess beauty.”Sanjiv Kashyap is wonderful preacher of our ancient treasure. Reiki, yoga, meditation, goddess beauty. The comps, Reiterates organized by sanjiv and attract of people all over the world. In these fields of your mastery is superb.

Reward and Recognition